matthew bell

Born to take hits and keep going, Matt is an undersized, “overbrained” ambivert that has two passions in life - chasing around his wife and four kids and advising folks on how to best protect and grow their hard earned capital. 

Home life is driven by a passion for cooking – and an even larger passion for eating. When not cooking and eating, he makes a valiant effort to flaunt his athletic prowess. When not cooking, eating or sporting, Matt is a human jungle gym to his growing kids, mostly by choice.

Work life boasts days filled with investment research, trading and financial planning at Steele Wealth Management at Raymond James – the result of a lot of energy, tenacity and his earning of a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, alongside his BBA from Wilfrid Laurier University. He finds nothing more satisfying than putting (and keeping) clients on the right track with their (financial) goals amidst all of the uncertainty that the world brings us.


jon clemens

Having grown up in the wonderful town of Forest, Jon is now a citizen of the world, having spent the last few years traveling around the globe. Constantly learning about new people, culture and food, he manages to balance new experiences and connections with old friends, while somehow balancing a very remote job. 

As a Project Manager in the realm of information technology, Jon brings website design, content management and communications expertise to the foundation.

Jon brings an unparalleled sense of humour to life, that often comes in ‘drive by punning’. 

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kim clemens

Kim is a genuine outdoors woman, having spent many a summer in the remote Canadian wilderness. Between her undergrad degree at Wilfrid Laurier, and her post graduate degree at Mohawk, Kim traveled to do what most people wouldn’t dream of - sleep in a tent for months at a time, and plant tress. 

Having planted nearly ___ trees, Kim has the most coveted carbon footprint of the entire foundation. When Kim isn’t camping or steering the foundation toward “Jakely” endeavors, she is exploring the acres of her home, teaching Adele the dog new tricks, and spends her days as a paediatric cardiac sonographer.

josh kleinstiver

As someone who has always been a busy body, Josh has spent his life focusing his time and energies in many different areas. Following his time at Wilfrid Laurier University, he achieved an Honours BSc in Kinesiology. He then then proceeded to graduate on the Dean’s List at Mohawk college while completing his cardiac ultrasound education.

With experience working as a chef, working in construction, and success as a personal trainer, he now works as a cardiac ultrasound technologist while managing a rental property business.

Josh focuses his spare time on travelling, spending time with family and friends, being a dog owner, and enjoying the outdoors. He is extremely passionate about the environment and strives to leave the planet a better place for future generations.

All of this aside, his greatest achievements are his marriage to his wife, and the recent birth of their daughter Katelyn.

jamie shea

Jamie has always been a bit of a rabble rouser - from her tenacious and perseverant attitude as a child, to her passion for ensuring things were just – and throughout her journey of school, work, and life experiences, she has managed to harness that enthusiasm, and focus on the things that count.

A career history spanning retail jewelry design, business strategy among yoga pants and working to bring a nose ring into the insurance world, Jamie likes to ensure things remain interesting. Upon finally finding her balance - a corporate job, with serious creative outlets, and permission to be imperfect - Jamie now focuses on internally focused sales and strategy consulting, producing creative projects, and managing and developing people.

Having a work life in which she travels over the US, and ‘downtime’ that allows for a strong appreciation of food and the outdoors, crafts with nieces and nephews, and as many sports as she can get her hands on, she is inspired by the things that make people feel connected – and is a strong advocate for mental health and wellness. She has spent a significant amount of time exploring and writing about her own mental health journey, and feels a strong pull towards the JRCFs mission to promote human well-being and environmental rehabilitation – as well as how those things connect.

jenna simpson

Jenna comes from a long line of resourceful and industrious women - As a third generation family business owner with a very broad education, Jenna is equal parts workhorse and inspirational Tedtalk.

In her professional life, Jenna enjoys focusing on process and technology innovation, and employing new ideas to improve business performance. Inspired by Jake’s generosity and genuine commitment to environmental sustainability, Jenna is energized by the mission of the Foundation and motivated to realize the full potential of Jake’s legacy. 

When Jenna isn’t strategizing and achieving project objectives, she enjoys time with her infant son and wrangling her high energy breed puppy.